Saturday, May 7

Reality strikes, reality bites

Life isn't going to be how you think it will be.
You want to think that everybody gets their happily ever after.
But the truth is, people will always be lonely.

You're thinking 90% of them have settled for less than they deserve.
You fear you'll do the same. You fear you'll settle for someone who loves you more than you love them. You fear you'll cheat them of their own happy ending. But who really gets the happy ending anyway? He will adore you, he will love you. What the heck, right? Nobody will be interested in you. This is the only person who has pursued you. It's certainly better than settling for the guy who was wonderful when he first met you, but turned out to be a completely horrible person after you got married.

Or you'll find that marriage isn't what it's cracked up to be. Eventually you'll resent your spouse, wishing you were with somebody else. And you will. You'll have an affair with a married man. Even though you know it's wrong, you've never felt more alive. For the first time in many years, you have something to look forward to.
You know this won't last, but you'll take anything that comes. That's how lonely you are.

What if that's your future? You'll never get that happy love story you've always dreamed of, and it makes you sad. Because no matter what you say to yourself, you'll always look for that someone  you'll share your life with. Your best friend. Your lover.

You look at what really happens and you're slowly accepting...that life won't be what you thought it will be.
And you're not sure how you can be happy after that.