Sunday, October 30

Nothing more intimate

The two of them stand in the hallway, eyes at each other, not quite knowing what to say, almost certain that words aren’t needed. The woman leans forward, impulsively but softly kissing the corner of the man’s lips. The man is surprised, but delighted.She leans back, only to lean over again to kiss his neck, the part just beside the bounding pulse. She could smell the coffee he took at The Two Windmills that afternoon. She kisses his eyelids.

She looks at him, points to the corner of her lips. The man happily kisses the spot tenderly. He kisses her neck, feeling the remnants of a tear on her cheek. He kisses her eyelids, before their lips finally meet.


You probably realize by now that that’s a scene in Amelie and that it could possibly be the most beautiful scene in any movie ever. And it's the number one fantasy that I want to do. ;) Nothing could be more intimate than this! I don’t know if I did any justice to that scene at all though. lol. Basically this is what you get when you watch Amelie over and over again (I watched it yesterday, and today, and probably tomorrow too). If you haven’t watched this movie yet, watch it, and I hope I didn’t spoil the story too much for you.