Monday, July 19

Marbel at night.

We rarely use the overpass because of its reputation of being stinky most of the time. Some people just don't have manners and piss on the bridge! Good thing they cleaned it now. The view from the overpass is...different.

Here are some photos I took. Thanks to my brother for telling me that you get the "highway effect" (the one where the car lights kind of merge together to create a busy highway effect) with the Twilight setting on the digicam. However, the streets of Marbel aren't really that busy to begin with, so this is all I got.

Bonfire photography.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love my dog. Here she is, taken on a summer evening, during the brown out days. Sometimes, my dog can be so photogenic.

And here we are, enjoying the bonfire. :)

Keeping it in.

Back in high school, one of the highlights of your day was to see your crush. Isn't it the same for everyone?
Back then, my growling stomach would quiet when I see him. Literally, nabubusog ako makita lang siya. No wonder there's a saying, that a person in love can't eat. So cheesy. I blame it on the hormones.

When I entered college those hormones decreased. Or maybe handsome guys in the campus decreased. I was so engrossed in my studies and was having too much fun with friends to worry about boys. It's true though, I didn't get to cross paths with the hunks much. Too few of them.

So how is it that I have a schoolgirl crush again? To fill my boring days? Whatever it is, it's really hard to keep it in. If I was still in high school, I'd blab about it to my friends. But with age comes wisdom.   For Pete's sake, I'm 20 years old. But I feel like I'm 16 again.

Crushes are both pleasing and annoying. It makes you happy, but you're also aware of how painfully silly it is. Well, at least I think it is. Crushes are for school girls. I'm not a schoolgirl. Crushes are one-sided. I'm tired of one-sided.

So my way of exorcising the demon is to write it down. This little post will be passed over. It is of no significance and a few will read it. I will risk that. only one other person knows what I'm really talking about.

Here it is: I have crush and I really like his smile. Sometimes he has that lost puppydog look that I find cute. I like it when he calls my name. I sneak glances but I rarely talk to him ( I don't know what and how I'm going to talk about)

This really feels like high school. But oh well. My friend said that crushes are meant to be enjoyed. I won't see him for two months. That's okay. I need to focus on my review. Maybe the saying will come true: Out of sight out of mind. ahahaha. I'm such a schoolgirl.

Tuesday, July 13

What a Pizza, Tia Nina!

Food trips are always fun.
Last night we ate at Tia Nina's -- a pizza parlor that serves BIG pizzas. You've seen the picture, right?
Eating at new places is so fun. Last time, we ate at Basilio's which serve delicious pasta! And another time when we ate All-You-Can Eat Pasta at SaBalai Bistro. (More of them at later posts).

So we have this pizza which is half a meter in diameter, right? That was the XL pizza. 16 slices. I can't imagine how much bigger and more delicious the XXL pizza was, which was 32 slices. Not to mention the gigantic appetite you'll need to finish that pizza off. Imagine a round table you eat from at convenience stores.

Too bad it was a little burnt. But the toppings were fine. It was just, a little too thin crust for my taste.
And I wish I had more of the slices with more toppings. I had a feeling I was left with the corner slices. haha
Now I'm just dreaming of that pizza to pass through my lips again.

Friday, July 2

Why I love dogs

Dogs are simple. They eat, sleep, play, protect you occasionally, and just want some love.
Dogs never want anything from you except love and food. They would love you unconditionally  if they sense that you are kind and harmless.
They look incredibly alien--they look totally diffrent from humans and yet they're adorable. 
They light up when they see you. Their simple pleasure is for you to cuddle and rub their ears and belly.
Dogs are forgiving and forgetful.
Dogs sense when you are sad and will comfort you. They will listen to you. (What else is there for them to do?)
Dogs will miss you when you're away for the day. When they see you, they will jump on you as if they haven't seen you in a hundred years.
Dogs will not bite the hand that feeds them, that's why I'm not afraid of my dog eating off of my hand.
Dogs would sometimes rear up on you but they immediately retract and are remorseful after sensing your surprise. You'd sense they were asking for forgiveness by the way they hold their head down,their ears flat on their head, and their tails gently wagging.
I think dogs worship their masters. And their masters are grateful of their love.
Dogs accept who you are.
Dogs love your love.
Dogs are friendly and playful. They like taking care of you.
Dogs don't run away when you call out to them. When I hold out my hand, my dog will come to it,because she knows I'm going to rub her belly.

There's something comforting in the way they sit at your feet when you're on your chair, quietly reading, or just looking at the scenery or listening to the music, or when you're lying on your hammock and they lie down near you.
Dogs are trusting and you're always eager to protect them and their innocence.