Friday, September 2

Memories that will help me conjure a Patronus

While rereading The Prisoner of Azkaban, I was a bit worried that I couldn't conjure a Patronus myself, because, of course, I'm a witch.

So I was happy to know that there are memories:

  1. The time I learned to ride a bike.
  2. The time I finally found a copy of "The Book Thief"
  3. The time I found out I was allowed to borrow a book from the library (that was in Grade 2). Nerd, all the way.
  4. When I was at the pre-board exam mass, and my major major crush sat in front of me, and at the "Sign of Peace" part, he turned to me and said "peace". :D
  5. The time I saw my major major crush 2 months later at SM City Davao. I wished to see him then, and my wish came true. (Mababaw ang kaligayahan ko)
  6. When we were singing karaoke on the sala of the Dormitel. The Dormitel days would be one of my happiest.
  7. When I found out my friends passed the board exam as well.