Monday, November 1

Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl haven't I?

It's Christmas again? It's my favorite season! (I suppose it is for most of us!) 
I've seen people post their Christmas wishlist and thought, what the heck, why can't I? I have never demanded much from anyone, except on my birthday(which is an exception).
So here it is, and I hope my Santa is reading it. :)

1. Amazon's Kindle

It must be every book-worm's dream!
Kindle is our #1 bestselling item for two years running. It’s also the most-wished-for, most-gifted, and has the most 5-star reviews of any product on Amazon.Price: $139.00

2. Canon EOS Rebel T1i

(I just picked that model semi-randomly, after an online author suggested it for hobbyists.)

3. The Nodame Cantabile Collectibles

(from Manga, to original DVD's, to the soundtracks,to general merchandise. Hey, I'm a Nodame fanatic!)

4. A 16-GB Flash Disk. You just can't tell how much space you'll need. I have friends who download movies and a bigger size memory space means more movies to copy! :D

5. Sony Ericsson W508

Not much knowledge on gadgets here. What I was really looking for is a phone with a nice camera, ultra nice MP3 player, Wifi ready, and large memory space.

6. A Georgette Heyer Novel.
       I've been crazy about Heyer recently. Her books are so light and refreshing.

7. My PRC license certifying that I'm an RN!
This is probably the most important of all! It has driven all of us into desperation! Though of course, I know that a mere wish won't materialize this license.I'm counting on myself and Divine intervention to bring this license to my hands. I could almost see it...smell it..touch it! Must not let it slip from my hands! Go, Fighting!

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