Tuesday, July 13

What a Pizza, Tia Nina!

Food trips are always fun.
Last night we ate at Tia Nina's -- a pizza parlor that serves BIG pizzas. You've seen the picture, right?
Eating at new places is so fun. Last time, we ate at Basilio's which serve delicious pasta! And another time when we ate All-You-Can Eat Pasta at SaBalai Bistro. (More of them at later posts).

So we have this pizza which is half a meter in diameter, right? That was the XL pizza. 16 slices. I can't imagine how much bigger and more delicious the XXL pizza was, which was 32 slices. Not to mention the gigantic appetite you'll need to finish that pizza off. Imagine a round table you eat from at convenience stores.

Too bad it was a little burnt. But the toppings were fine. It was just, a little too thin crust for my taste.
And I wish I had more of the slices with more toppings. I had a feeling I was left with the corner slices. haha
Now I'm just dreaming of that pizza to pass through my lips again.

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