Saturday, October 9

Look Up. Or, Don't Walk With Your Head Down.

Did you notice the weather today? It's the stuff of mundane small talk, yet it's amazing how the weather affects your mood. This morning, the weather was just right, my kind of day, but then after taking a nap, I find that the clouds had covered the sun and suddenly it was raining. But I'm not really talking about the weather. I just thought it was a good prelude to the next paragraph, but then maybe it's not. 

I love sunny days. When the sun is shining, the wind is just enough to ruffle my hair, and, as I look up, there's a bid wide blue sky. It makes me feel like I can have everything. 

Always look up. There's not much you can see when you look down. It makes you believe there's nothing much for you. But when you look up, you see that the world is bigger, instead of narrow when you were bowing your head. 

Stretch out your arms. It feels like hugging the world. If it's true that every cynic was a disillusioned idealist, I think they just forgot to look up.

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