Sunday, June 6

Frisbee and my hamstrings.

It's a struggle just to get up and go to SMRAA. The thought of doing that much activity is unappealing. But then I don't regret it after stepping on that rubberized track and doing just even one lap is rewarding. It's nice to exercise. Yun nga lang, mahirap talaga bumangon at pumunta sa track.

Today, me, Remy, Jacque and Melvonn joined the "Air Benders". Who were we to refuse the invitation to learn about how Ultimate Frisbee is really played? Who wouldv'e thought it'd be so...hard. I love the name by the way. I'm an Avatar:The Last Airbender fan.

Things I learned today (which I hope will help):

  1. A real ultimate ftisbee costs 700 pesos and weighs a lot more than our 100-peso frisbee. No wonder, since it's more appropriate for throwing. Still, for recreation, a cheaper one is enough.
  2. I learned the backhand throw and forehand throw.
  3. Basic drills.
  4. The game. A team needs to get their frisbee on the other side. Like football.
  5. If you drop the frisbee, the other team gets it.
  6. Once you catch the frisbee, you can't take more than three steps. Else, that will be travelling. (I travelled two times today.hehe. Got carried away after catching a frisbee)
  7. An opponent will try to block you(like in basketball!), and will count and wait for six seconds until you pass the frisbee to yout team mate. Otherwise, the other team gets th frisbee.
  8. Your opponent needs to tap your frisbee after you catch it. hmmm.. i don't know when or why....
  9. The frisbee has to be held by a player at the goal to count as a score. (like in football)
Sorry for sounding like an amateur. I AM one. 

That was fun, but,God, my hamstrings hurt.

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