Tuesday, June 1

buko halo-halo,review centers and friends.

It's just nice to get out and not worry about anything. (but then I ended up worrying anyway).
There's this famous place in Brgy Saravia that serves buko halo-halo. Aparejas buko halo-halo.
The assortment of vehicles - luxury cars, vans, trucks, multicabs -seem out of place and strange lining up in the quiet road-side of Barangay Saravia. But people come there just to eat the buko halo-halo. And why not? It's cheap and delicious. And in the strange way of Philippine entrepreneurship, the neighbors have followed suit. There are about four(?) buko halo-halo places now all within 5 meters of each other.
But nothing seems to compare with the original.

Image from [link]. (It's close to what we have eaten)
It was fun and laidback. The prospect of hitchhiking from Saravia to the main city was exciting, but we chickened out. 

Along the way we saw clouds pouring rain on Mt.Matutum. It was the first time I've seen rain coming roght out of the clouds. It looks like an army of cloud people are pouring large bottomless buckets of water along the clouds. 

We had planned on playing frisbee on the park but it rained. Apparently nobody wanted to get wet even though most frisbee players played rain or shine. We settled for KCC and couldn't resist the lure of Booksale.
We had also worried about which review center we would enroll to. It IS mind boggling. Plus there's the worry of studying with your classmates. Would it be a temptation? Though it's hard to imagine anyone not being serious about the board exams.

God, I'm really indecisive. Sometimes I want others to decide for me and I'll just let it be. Ironic how at some points in time I'm the one they look to for a decision. It's easier to decide for one's self because one could live with the consequences. But if that decision affects a lot of people, it's not so easy to decide. It's not easy to take the blame, that's why I admire leaders who makes good decisions that don't have to take the blame, but receive praise.

I remembered a depressing part of my life. It would never leave for a long time. But when I see the friends I have, and the good things that I have, who am I to continue spreading negative vibes? Good and bad are a given in anyone's life and I'm happy to be reminded that my life doesn't entirely suck.

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