Thursday, June 17

Progress by Ezra Wube

Caught this at the middle part and the artwork immediately caught my eye. And the nice message behind it. "HERE FOR GOOD". I didn't know it was for a bank until I searched for the full video on YouTube. (I never heard of Standard Chartered Bank before...)
Kudos to the people behind this advertisement/campaign. I think it's brilliant. :D

Here's the description from youtube:
Standard Chartereds unique footprint has helped define the very nature of the bank. The Collective Good continues that tradition by inviting creative minds across Asia, Africa and the Middle East to contribute to the banks brand identity.

One guiding belief. Four different interpretations. Thanks to the unique talents of acclaimed graphic designer, Stefan Sagmeister. Renowned Chinese filmmaker, Tian Zhuangzhuang. Ethiopian artist, Ezra Wube. And Jordanian documentary maker, Sandra Madi.

Each film has its own vision. Each film tells its own story. Yet they all serve the principle of being Here for good.

Watch Progress by Ezra Wube

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