Friday, March 4

AI 10 so far

American Idol 9 was so bad. Their line-up wasn't very good. There were a lot of promising girls, but they all went home early. I hated how they overpraised Lee. I personally didn't think he was THAT great. I wanted Crystal Bowersox to win. She was the better singer AND artist of the two! But because the voting America mainly consisted of heart-eyed girls, Lee won. Sorry, Lee.

I was dreading that this season wasn't going to be good as well. I didn't watch the auditions. But it turns out, Hollywood week was entertaining. All those cuts. They had to audition, what, ten times? But we had an amazing top 24. Too bad Jaycee didn't make it. I was so rooting for him. And Colton was uber cute.

So at first glance this season's top 13 seem good. They're all really good. I, for one, am rooting for  a female Idol this season. The girls I'm rooting for are Naima and Thia, though of course the other girls are amazing as well. I was so sad Kendra Chantelle and Rachel Zevita didn't make it.

But there are more guys who stand out. Take Casey, who's such an entertaining guy (I can't believe he's only 20). And then there's Jacob, who's got a God-given talent, no doubt about it. James, whose voice and style pretty much reminds me of Adam Lambert's (i'm not a fan of that very much).

My personal favorite is Paul McDonald. He's such a quirky and laid-back guy. His is my type of music, you see.And what's more, how can I not love a guy who looks good in a magnolia-print jacket?

So from this season's top 13

My two favorite girls are Naima Adedapo and Thia Megia. They're just amazing okay. Thia, a 15-year old girl, can already sing like that? And I just love Naima's voice. She's like the underdog you want to root for.

My two favorite guys are Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams.Casey, despite his cockiness, is one hell of an entertaining guy. And he can pull off the big bass act.

Only time will tell how this line-up will go.

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