Tuesday, March 15


It's a rainy afternoon and I'm sitting here watching old Art Attack episodes on YouTube. Thank God for Youtube, because Disney does not air this show anymore. How I miss this show more than anything right now. My childhood afternoons were filled with Art Attack. Maybe it was in the summer, because I remember it airing at 3pm and I normally have classes by that time.

I loved the big studio. I loved the Talking Head. I loved those papier mache projects (even though I couldn't do them myself). I love his drawing and painting techniques. I loved the mini clips he did between each project, like the Mini Makes, the mirror drawings, the Matchbox theater. But what I loved most of all has got to be his Big Art Attacks. He would show up in a field and then get these random objects and turn them into a big art attack. He once used cars (the real ones) as wheels for a Big Bicycle. The production in each show must have cost a lot, but it was so worth it.

(I have a post in Tumblr that got 20 thousand notes. My biggest moment in Tumblr. haha. So many people love Art Attack. And with good reason).

Did you know that Neil Buchanan himself created and produced the show? He thinks up everything that goes on in the show, including the Big art attacks. And for it to continue airing for more than 12 years...it's such a successful show.

I don't think his Wiki does him justice, but at least the Art Attack website said a lot about him. I could just give you  a link to it, but I'm so obsessed right now that I printscreened it all.

I think Art Attack is amazing and they have yet to create a show that's better than this one. Neil did a good job creating this show. Artzooka? Pssh. Please. 

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