Saturday, March 19

It's a Nodame Cantabile spazzing session. Go on with your life.

I cannot look at Nodame and Chiaki without getting all giddy. I love love love love love love love these two. They are my inspiration. I don't know what it is that makes them so loveable. Nodame Cantabile is just perfect. It makes me want to cry. No doubt I am spazzing more than usual for any anime.

If you have watched Nodame Cantabile and did not love it, then you are sadly lacking, my friend. If you did not, then you must not on any account miss this.


  1. You have opened my tired eyes today my friend with this most stunning and heartfelt piece of mastery. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I am Oceanna..:) of the myLot..Nice to meet you here friend..

  2. Hi Oceanna! Glad to meet someone who loves Nodame too! :)


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