Monday, March 7

Just Please Children

I was jogging earlier on our city's track oval. The weather was just nice and I was alone, thanks to my friend for ditching me. But that was fine, as it was a little bit early in the afternoon to have that many joggers around, so at least I didn't bump into unnecessary persons.

You know how children randomly call out to strangers to get their attention. Well these two kids, whose classes had just ended, climbed on the wall of our track and called out to me. It was this boy trying to attract attention, like all boys do, and he seemed bemused when I waved at him. He waved at me back. A few seconds later, more kids climbed onto the wall, calling out to me. The boy said "I love you" the way kids want to shock people, and I gave him the thumbs up. The kids hooted up with laughter. They called to me again, shouting "Wave at me too!" and as I turned my head, there they were, waving at me. So I obliged them of course, which received another hoot of laughter.

Feeling famous much? haha. But seriously, I wanted to shock them as much as they wanted to shock me. What's the harm in waving at a kid? At least they got a few minutes entertainment from it, as did I. Kids' laughter GMH.

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