Sunday, February 6

Blogger, I'm so sorry for neglecting you

But there's this other micro-blogging site called Tumblr that's so amazing. I know I've made a big anti-Tumblr-camaraderie rule by saying this, but what the hell. Blogger deserves honesty.

I even used the same url there and the same background, in tribute to you, and because I like them both so much.

Also I have my personal Journal who I confide to more than I do to you, but I'm sure you understand. Some of them just aren't ready for the public eye.

I still do want to write on you, that's why I'll write almost all the things that have happened in Tumblr that struck me, and made me so passionate to rant and impose my beliefs. haha. But then impose is a strong word..I just, put it out there.

I have also quite neglected Facebook, except to play games there. haha. I don;t really want to hear about other people's lives, except my family's and close friends. I like my own little world.

So Blogger, please accept my apology.

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