Wednesday, February 16

Those days when you conjure up a person

Did you ever think of someone so much, wishing to see them, that they actually appear in front of you? No, I'm not talking about hallucinations. I might have put it wrong.

I mean, the person turns up. Just when you were thinking of them. Well, yesterday, that happened to me.

Since I'm going up to Davao to play nanny to my nephew, I was fantasizing about how I'll meet my crush again. Let's call him Jacob. I just wanted to see him. The night before, I dreamt I was talking about Jacob to  my friends and that I thought I saw him, but it turned out not to be him.

While we were driving, I again imagined myself seeing him. He's just so cute you see and I'm so infatuated. Lo and behold, I did see him. But what's funnier, was how I realized it was him. This may sound so dramatic, but it's how it happened: As I entered the SM supermarket, I was looking for my mom. Then my eye caught a figure of a guy clothed in a blue V-neck and shorts. I couldn't see his face from afar, but even from there he looked really attractive. I thought, wouldn't it be amazing if that actually turned out to be Jacob? But he ws too far, and I needed to find my mom. I eventually did, and then I saw the blue-clad guy again. I wanted to see his face , was he gay? was he ugly? was he one of those vain types? But as I got nearer, it turned out it was Jacob! I couldn't believe my luck! And also, my bad luck, because he was with his girlfriend, Alice, which ruined pretty much half the experience for me. So there I was, ogling at Jacob's grace, happy with his girlfriend, who were both oblivious to me. I felt so shabby then. They were both so hipster,  with skin to die for, and I was shabby. 

But the point is, what if we had gone to Gaisano like I requested? What if I didn't accompany Mom in the supermarket? I wouldn't have seen him again. I just can't believe that after all my thinking, he would actually turn up. God must've wanted to tell me something. And I feel strongly that the message was: GET OVER HIM ALREADY. You've seen him, happy with his girlfriend, now get over it.

And I really will have to.

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