Sunday, February 6

Of science and faith.

This post has like 5000 notes. which means there are more or less 5k people who agree with this -- I'm tempted to say b.s. but it's the belief of others. A belief, I believe is founded on the same ground as the Tower of Pisa - weak.

This is what I wrote when I reblogged this picture.

hmm. I disagree. If anything, science should make someone believe in a God more.

if that person was talking about Evolution vs Adam and Eve, then of course, I would not believe in Adam&Eve. Christians recognize this as a myth. Evolution is more believable, but in the end, it's just a theory. Much like how Big Bang is a theory as well as the Theory of Relativity, or the Law of Physics. If he had paid attention in science class more, then he would have realized that theories are not fact. Because they too can either be proved or disproved. They are just considered to be true. Much like how God is considered to be true. Scientists don't dwell on the provenance of those theories. They are just "given". We have to believe that it's true, or how else are we to understand how an apple doesn't stay afloat on air, but lands on the ground when the branch it was hanging on gave way? science, in the end, rests on faith.

do you think the complexity of living things is a big coincidence? we have plants that use the Carbon dioxide that we don't need so that in turn they can give us Oxygen that we do need. a woman has an ovary which fuses with the man's sperm so that it would grow into this amazing thing called a baby. And no matter what you do, you can't make a baby from a human and a cow. chimeras are fables (and have you seen them in Fullmetal Alchemist? they're not meant to be). science may explain HOW a fetus develops, but it can't explain WHY it works that way. It just does.

So it brings us to the question, what makes life possible? There has to be something more powerful and higher than all of us who designed everything so perfectly. Maybe the Big Bang was just really God in motion.

I don't know if people will actually read this or what they think after reading it. It's just a thing that I strongly believe about. Did I tell you that I was an 11-year old atheist? I'm reformed now. It's been 10 years since then, and I picked up a lot of things on the way. I guess if I had not questioned God, then I would not have arrived at this point. But here I am, and I think that God would have let me arrive here no matter what. 

Can you honestly look at a baby and not wonder at how amazing it was made? Lots of atheists believe in the nonexistence of God because all they see is how shitty the world is. Yes, people are shitty, but take away the people, and it's wonderful. I still don't get why people refuse to believe in a God because of all the bad things people can do. Or how a flash flood can happen, or because there are earthquakes. 

I don't know, but if I dwell over it more, it makes sense. Because there's a certain balance to everything. (And who keeps that balance? Mother Nature / God/ higher power). Good things happen, and so do bad things. Karma? Or whatever. 

When I was an atheist, I refused to look at the other side of things. All I saw were the bad things, and I cared more about disproving lots of things. I hated the Church and its hypocrisies. I was a pessimist, and it's so not good being there. I'm stilll struggling with pessimism, because I think that's my true nature.  The beauty of life is, you can choose how your life can turn out to be. I can go against my nature and be an optimist. 

Did I just choose to believe in God? No. It's founded by rational thinking. And faith. And I'm really comfortable with that. :)

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