Saturday, February 12

The Fragment

The second poem I wrote in my entire life, if it's called a poem.

You'll always be a part of me, 
That piece of my heart is yours.
I don't want to have it back
I don't think I can.

See when you give a portion of your heart to someone, 
You can't have it back.
In that moment of your life, 
You invested your time,
You gave yourself.

In my life, countless fragments have been given away.
I turn, and they're back again, returned a hundredfold.
My heart remains whole.
My cup overflows.

I have never regretted having You.
No moment was wasted,
No fragment misplaced.
I had done what I was set to do.
You were right.

In the end there is no confusion and no bitterness, 
Because it feels like being a part of something greater.

And all it took was to share this piece.

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